The Pilot Episode

By | April 22, 2018

WARNING! This was Tom and Garreth’s very first recording together. It was done over Skype and not face to face, so it’s very rough and ready and not very good. If you are just starting to listen to the show, we recommend starting with Episode 1!

Welcome to the very first episode of Retrospecticus, a Simpsons history podcast! In this pilot episode, your hosts Tom and Garreth give a taster of what to expect from the upcoming series. Garreth tells the story of how the Simpsons came into existence via the Tracey Ullman show, and Tom gives a brief overview of what the world was like in the late eighties, as the age of Mutually Assured Destruction was coming to a close and the power of the Soviet Union was dwindling. Stay tuned for more episodes!

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