Episode 71 – IBM versus the Monorail

Episode 71 sees our regular intro finally come to fruition as Garreth tackles “Marge Vs The Monorail”, an all-time top-tier stone cold classic! They’ll tie themself in knots with a mega Leonard Nimoy crossover and discuss the ominous return of some omnipresent nineties chart-botherers. After a record number of Memeable Moments, Tom somehow still has… Read More »

Episode 70 – The Czech Republic’s Triple Bypass

Episode 70, and it’s accidentally seasonal as Garreth looks at the nearest episode to Christmas 1992, “Homer’s Triple Bypass”, and Tom talks “Velvet Divorce” as we wave goodbye to Czechoslovakia. Along the way we’ll address the Twitter elephant in the room, serve up more defenestrations than is strictly healthy and present possibly the worst Randy… Read More »

Episode 69 – Charles and Diana’s First Word

It’s episode 69 – nice! – and we’re playing witness to “Lisa’s First Word”, which first aired on 3 December 1992, just as the final word was being said on Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales’ marriage. Yes, we’re taking the most ill-timed trip to Buckingham Palace ever! (It was taped before last Thursday,… Read More »

Episode 68 – Mr Windsor Castle Fire

Aliens, bio-duplication, nude conspiracies – none of these are why Retrospecticus took a long break, but we’ll explain why, whilst Garreth ploughs through the stone cold classic, “Mr Plow”, with tons of pure West and a visit to Crazy Vaclav’s! Then Tom will talk about the fire at the Royal Family’s second home, Pizza Express… Read More »

Episode 67 – Women Priests on the Block

Episode 67, and Bart’s got a crush and Homer’s full of shrimp in “New Kid On The Block”, first aired on 12 November 1992 – one day after the Synod of the Church of England voted to ordain women priests! Along the way we’ll go from C and E to C of E, getting an… Read More »

Episode 66 – Marge Gets Mortal Kombat

Episode 66, and we’re gassing Tom Jones in “Marge Gets A Job”, first shown on 5 November 1992 – a mere month after Mortal Kombat first cut a bloody swathe through the arcades! Along the way we’ll fight the creature from the wrong lagoon, complain about sexism in fighting games and finally reveal the blood… Read More »

Episode 65 – US Election 1992 The Movie

Episode 65, and we meet the unforgettable Bang Bang Bart in “Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie”, first aired on November 3rd 1992 – the day of a US Presidential election that elected Bill Clinton! Along the way we’ll drink milkshakes, watch Telemundo, find an unusual L7 cover and talk more Bush than you can shake… Read More »

Episode 64 – Galileo of Horror

We’re back… And it’s Halloween again! Garreth takes on apes, zombies and a killer doll in “Treehouse of Horror III”, first shown on 29 October 1992, while Tom takes us through Pope John Paul II’s apology to Galileo a few days later. Featuring manboys at number one and a whole lotta biochemistry! If you like… Read More »

Episode 63 – Charles Taylor the Beauty Queen

This time Retrospecticus heartily endorses “Lisa The Beauty Queen”, which first aired on October 15th 1992, the same day as Charles Taylor launched Operation Octopus in the Liberian Civil War. As you might expect it’s a bloody tale, but there’s a double dip in the nineties charts and acronyms by the bucketload to sweeten the… Read More »

Episode 62 – Mozambique the Heretic

Retrospecticus is back, as long as no minor royals have died this week, with Homer’s new ways of worship in “Homer the Heretic”, first shown on October 8 1992, four days after the end of the civil war in Mozambique. We’ve got a none-more-nineties number one, the one reason anyone would want to join Britain,… Read More »