Announcing Retrospecticus Plays

We’re into 1993 in our historical lookback at the times of The Simpsons. One video game dominated that year: Doom. Arguably the best first person shooter of all time, the game sees you take the roll of a space marine who has to fight his way through the forces of Hell.

In a new venture for us, we’re going to be live streaming ourselves playing Doom on Tom’s Twitch channel at 8pm on Wednesday August 9th 2023. But we’re not going to be playing any old game of Doom. We’re going to fire up the “My House” wad, a fan made must-play map that’s got a huge amount of buzz about it, even being played by the creator of Doom, John Romero himself.

While Tom is familiar with the game, Garreth isn’t. As Garreth plays, Tom will offer a gentle guiding hand and read extracts from the developer’s journal. If you like Doom, you won’t want to miss this!

So join us at 8pm, Wednesday August 9th on Tom’s Twitch channel.

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