Episode 58 – The Space Shuttle Endeavour Falls in Love

Happy 2021 everyone! We’re back to take a look at Bart’s Friend Falls in Love, the episode that sees Milhouse fall in love with Samantha Stinky, sorry, Stanky! It’s the episode that features some excellent sex education courtesy of Fuzzy Bunny, and Homer making use of a metal deely that you use to dig food.

The episode first aired on the same day that the Space Shuttle Endeavour first launched, so for the history we’re taking a look at space travel. It gives us an excuse to look at the life of Werner von Braun, the Nazi designer of the V2 rocket who went on to work for NASA. We go over the space shuttle missions, from the Challenger disaster to the retirement of the space shuttle program.

We also celebrate the long-overdue appearance of the KLF on Spotify. As ever, if you enjoy the show, please listen and share!

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